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Frequently Asked Questions!
Q: Why am I finding such a wide range of prices from DJ services?

A: When you call or email or go online for pricing, all you are getting is a price quote. No two DJ services are exactly the same. Unless you see the equipment, lighting, and DJ talent, you will really have no way of being sure what you are paying for. It is hard to determine value and compare companies if you don't see what a service has to offer. One other reason may be the number of events a service does on any given date. We limit the number of events we do so we can offer higher quality equipment, lighting, DJ talent, and personal customer service to our clients.

Q: Can we select the music that will be played?

A: We welcome your choices and will be happy to play what you want. There are usually a wide variety of ages to please and we have music to please most anyone. Most clients will choose some of their favorites and leave room for guest requests. If you are uncertain about the music, you can also just leave it up to our professionals, and they will play to the crowd accordingly.

Q: I have been to some weddings and didn't like how the DJ interacted. Can I decide how much the DJ does?

A: Yes, and your DJ service should be able to honor your choice. People ask for a range of involvement levels from conservative to really outgoing. Our professionals can interact on any level that you wish. Remember when you see DJ's at receptions, they may be interacting as they have been asked to, but that may not be what you want for your event.

Q: Will the DJ make announcements or act as emcee for the evening?

A: Our professionals will make any necessary announcements and keep your guests informed throughout the event. We can coordinate with you, or your planner, to make sure announcements are made as needed. Some necessary announcements may be but are not limited to: Request to be seated for dinner, announcing the prayer or toasts, the cake cutting, introduction of the bridal party, bride and groom first dance, father-daughter/mother-son dances, wedding party dedication, dollar dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, other novelties, and anything else through "last call". Our professionals will be flexible to your changing needs throughout the event.

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